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BlueGolf FAQs

BlueGolf YouTube Tutorials:

Click here to watch how to add players to a match in BlueGolf.

Click here to watch how to add players to groups in BlueGolf.

Click here to watch how to input scores into BlueGolf.

Why do we use BlueGolf?

BlueGolf was built to make your life as a coach easier. With BlueGolf the days of spending extra time faxing in scorecards and results are in the past. Just click in your match’s hole-by-hole scores within the system and you’re done - no paperwork necessary! BlueGolf also allows the parents and players to access their tournament results, team calendar and season stats all on your team’s BlueGolf page. BlueGolf also allows the TMSGA to monitor the Association in terms of making sure every school plays in the proper number of matches to be eligible for postseason play and ineligible players are not playing in tournaments. BlueGolf is a fantastic tool for coaches, players and parents alike and the TMSGA is fortunate to be able to offer this service to all of our members.


I don’t know my BlueGolf login and password information.

If you have forgotten your BlueGolf login information notify the TMSGA office and we will be able to send you an email that provides you with your login and password.


When I try to access my BlueGolf account, I’m only getting a blank screen to pop up. Why?!

These issues are very uncommon and only pop up when you are using a web browser’s outdated version. BlueGolf runs on Internet Explorer (Version 9.0 or newer), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. If your BlueGolf account is showing up blank or you aren’t able to access the BlueGolf account (assuming you have the correct login and password) it is most likely because your current web browser hasn’t been updated in a couple of years. Updating your web browser only takes a matter of minutes and once you’ve updated you will be rocking and rolling with BlueGolf like you never thought imaginable!


***What do I need to do on BlueGolf for my matches? 

Before each date of competition you will need to add your players to your school's match in BlueGolf. Once added to the match you will then be able to add the players to groups. Once the match is complete you will input their scores for the match. After scores have been inputted and saved, the scoreboard will be viewable by the public on your team's webpage which can be found via the "Schedule/Results" tab on the TMSGA's website. For information on how to add players to a match, adding players to a group and inputting scores, please view the TMSGA BlueGolf tutorial videos which can be found at the bottom of the page. 

I don’t have enough players on my boys or girls team to make up a full team. Will I still use BlueGolf for these individuals?

Yes. If you have a full girls team but only three individual boys from your school (or a full boys team and only one girl individual), you will still use BlueGolf for your individual boys or girls. The individuals will already be listed on your roster within BlueGolf, and you add the players to the match, create groups and input scores just like you would if you had a full team.


Do I input my Junior Varsity matches into BlueGolf?

No. You do not need to input your JV matches in BlueGolf. However, keep in mind that players can only play in a maximum of 15 dates no matter which division they are participating in and will participate in (Ex: If a player plays in 10 JV matches he will only be eligible to play in five varsity matches).


Why is BlueGolf saying I have two boys or two girls matches on the same date?

If there is a date on your BlueGolf calendar that claims you have two boys matches or two girls matches on the same day, don’t panic! This will happen if the schedule you sent in to the TMSGA doesn’t match up with schedules sent in from other schools that are on your schedule (i.e. One coach sends in a schedule that has a head-to-head match on April 3rd, and another coach sends in a schedule that has a tri-match scheduled with the same school plus one additional school for that day). It’s a simple fix and just notify the TMSGA office if you ever run into this issue and we’ll be happy to fix it.


Do my players have to have email addresses for them to be added to BlueGolf?


When I go into the "Card" to input scores for the match, there are no players listed. Why?

Before players can show up in the “Card” function of BlueGolf they must be added to groups. Once the players participating in the match have been inserted into groups they will appear in the “Card” function and you will be able to insert scores for each player. Click here to watch how to add players to groups in BlueGolf.